The Little Known of Gallery -tm             The Kiss of Comix & Blues Rock
From The Little Known of Gallery Archives -tm comes The Kiss of Comix & Blues Rock: paired photographs in a signed limited edition of Robert Crumb & Janis Joplin, hugging and kissing at the opening, of the New Comix Show, at the Phoenix Gallery in 1969 in Berkeley, California. Nine sets are still available. The edition images are gelatin silver prints on double-weight fiber-base paper, processed to archival standards. Four-ply acid-free rag board is used for the mount and the mat. Printing techniques include toning, solarization, cropping, etc. Each print is individually made, for its difference. The varying techniques evolved through the course of the edition, to extend its range. The edition numbers 100, plus 10 artist's proofs. The mat is signed, as well as the reverse of each print. The number within the edition appears on the mat. The negatives were destroyed in June of 1992. Both photographs appeared in Rolling Stone in 1969. The photographs are copyrighted 1969 & 1991 by Elihu Blotnick, the photographer. All rights are reserved. Five of the artist's proofs are available as well. They are single exploratory images, made on resin-coated paper, of Joplin & Crumb kissing. Six individual edition prints, from split sets, of Crumb & Joplin kissing, are also still available. To purchase, please inquire: Prices are subject to change without notice and the limits of availability.

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