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comix art and artists
S. Clay Wilson: Originals  the New Comix Wall
Crumb-Joplin: The Kiss other comix artists: Shelton, Sheridan, Irons & more

imagery for sale or exhibit, subject to availability and change without notice.

S Clay Wilson
S. Clay Wilson: 1969 The Pirate Dykes Quiz the Captured Demon LeatherTits
Phoenix Gallery, '69       
original pen & ink, '67         
original pen & ink, Zap 4          


The New Comix Wall

8'x14' painting on plasterboard 
in 3 sections supported by 2x4s 

Originally the front window of 
the Phoenix Gallery 1969 show 

Many of the artists in the 
show worked on the wall. 

Its colors are still rich & vibrant,
as in the detail below.

The New Comix Wall
detail 1 detail 2detail 2
detail 3detail 3 comix-masterswall artists


The Kiss of Comix & Blues Rock
hug-1 kiss-1 hug-2 kiss-2

Janis Joplin 
& Robert Crumb 
hugging & kissing 
at the opening of the 
New Comix Show, 1969, 
at the Phoenix Gallery.

Eight limited edition 
pairs of 8x10 photos 
are still available, as 
well as a few single 
artist's proofs.

kiss-1 The Limited Edition

Photographer's Rap

Other Cartoonists, Fantasists, and Fans
shelton greg-dave
Gilbert Shelton 1985
Greg Irons & Dave Sheridan 1969
parker HRGiger
(Beavis) Parker 1993
(Alien) H.R.Giger & Actress 1993
gwar-giger gwar-giger 2

GWAR at the Alexander Gallery show 1993
rear view

New Politix  "Music for a New Depression"

Photographs © 2001 Elihu Blotnick, all rights reserved.
Artwork copyrighted by the respective artists.



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